WELCOME WELCOME TO XUAN VY Xuan Vy has officially been established since 2005 with a team of a founder and leaders who have many years of experience in the field of import-export management and trading in high-tech medical equipments. Stent products "Made-in-Vietnam" medicine-eluting coronary stent system was successfully produced for the first time and proven to be equivalent to similar products from Europe and America, but with a more reasonably price. It is currently used in more than 60 hospitals across Vietnam. Sản phẩm Stent mạch vành phủ thuốc “made in Vietnam” lần đầu tiên được sản xuất thành công đã được chứng minh chất lượng tương đương với sản phẩm từ châu Âu, châu Cardiovascular products Cardiovascular and medical consumable products distributed by Xuan Vy are trusted by doctors in many hospitals across the country. These products are made in Vietnam with imported materials and some of them achieved CE (Marking) certification according to EU standards. INJECTION STOPPER
Medical consumable

Xuan Vy always chooses medical products that meet the needs and trends of using high-quality medical products in both local and international markets.

Medical equipments

Xuan Vy is the official distributor of many world-famous medical equipment manufacturers and provides construction and installation services of medical equipment systems for hospitals.

Designing hospitals

Xuan Vy has worked with foreign experts who are leading architects in the field of designing hospitals to bring designs that can satisfy customers anytime, anywhere.

Who are we?

Xuan Vy started up as an import-export company of medical equipments for hospitals, clinics, and medical equipment projects across the country. At the moment, Xuan Vy is a pioneer to participate in consulting hospital designs, medical researches, and operating medical project management in Vietnam.

Why you should choose us?

  1. Professional staffs

    A team of engineers specialized in medical equipments, professional and dynamic architects have been trained by domestic and foreign leading experts.

  2. Stay updated

    Xuan Vy has always been a pioneer in updating information of the latest and most cutting-edge medical equipment generations to introduce to the Vietnamese health sector.

  3. High responsibility

    Xuan Vy is always responsible for each product that made or supplied by us to the market, We commit that the products are in the best quality possible.

  4. Prestige

    Our prestige is enhanced through each product and each project. As a trusted partner in the health sector, Xuan Vy affirms that we will forever be a strategic partner for medical investors in Vietnam.