USM SM Haemostatic Valve

USM SM Haemostatic Valve is designed to maintain hemostasis during the introduction or withdrawal

MOSTAR Radial Compression Device

Mostar Radial Compression Device is designed to safely and comfortably stop bleeding.

SAVER Inflator

SAVER Inflator is a simple and easy tool to use for balloon dilation. The set includes high-pressure inflator connecting with rotating luer. Additionally, customized set may have Y-connector.

USM SM Pressure Line

USM SM Pressure Line is a transparent braided tubing that withstands high pressure setting on power injection and allows easy visualization for purging and debubbling.

REVAS Inflator

REVAS Inflator is easy to use with extra luminescent dial in low light conditions during PTCA operation.

HERA Manifold

HERA Manifolds are designed with easy-to-grip handles and transparent bodies for visibility.

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