Breathing Circuits System

VENTKING Anesthesia Circuit – Corrugate

VENTKING Anesthesia Circuits System, Corrugate Tubing supports patient in the respiratory system, providing oxygen and anesthesia gas and limiting carbon dioxide

VENTKING Smoothbore Catheter Mount

VENTKING Smoothbore Catheter Mount is the flexible link between the breathing circuits system and a breathing mask and breathing support for the patient.


VENTKING HME Filter prevents complications in patients, providing heat, moisture, and filtering bacteria. Used mainly in patients with poor excretion

VENTKING Catheter Mount – Extendible

VENTKING Extendible Catheter Mount is the link between the breathing circuits system and breathing mask and a breathing support for patient.

VENTKING Bacterial Filter

VENTKING bacterial filter has bacterial filter membrane that protects the patient by preventing bacterial in the device and breathing system.

VENTKING Breathing Bag

VENTKING Breathing Bag incorporates a multiple pleat design which allows more positive control of manual ventilation.